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If you care about others and are spending a lot of time at home because of the Covid-19 Virus, you might have time for this short film about my painting, it is not new, but maybe you didn´t see it yet?

If you have any Questions just send me a e-mail.

Best Maria

FILM "FÄRG" / 2012

about color, recent book about may painting with a text of David Rhodes N.Y.

ABOUT COLOR Klinkhardt & Biermann


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Present and Upcoming EXHIBITIONS  

Domestic Space - Painting Edition - 3D by Zweigstelle Berlin Online Exibition and Shop

Walk though but stay at home... 

Exhibition Mai-June with Gallery Filser & Gräf in Munich will take place later

Polariteten II 

Maria Wallenstål-Schoenberg, Inge Jakobsen, Karin Schuff

KVD, Dachau, 11.9-14.10.2020 

Vernissage 26.9.2020


Positions Berlin September 2020 Galerie Ulf Larsson